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RW 64 HI


Window frame, mounting depth
64 mm
Window vent, mounting depth
72 mm
Frame profile visible width (window)
50-150 mm
Vent profile visible width (window)
65 mm, 75 mm, 85 mm, 89 mm, 90 mm
Frame-vent visible width (window)
85-205 mm
Glazing infill thickness (window)
14-56 mm
Integration with Realit® systems
RF 50, RF 50 RR, RF 50 SSG, RVL 40, RPE 35
Glass-filled polyamide thermal break in windows, width
27 mm
Sharp bend angles from 60° to 170° in structures
3 levels of EPDM sealing
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Single and double doors, panic doors, tilt and turn windows, top hung windows, mid hung windows and hidden vent windows.

RW 64 HI is a new Realit® system. It is a cost-effective solution developed in response to the growing popularity of insulated aluminium windows. This system can be successfully implemented in housing and renovation projects.

The window element has R-value (0.751 m2 °C/W) per GOST 26602.1-99.


The RW 64 HI system features three sealing circuits and withstands a wide range of temperatures — from -50 to +80 °C — improving the energy efficiency of a modern building. The moulded rubber strips of the internal and external circuits provide a high level of tightness and effective thermal insulation.


The basic dimensions of the system are 64 mm for the frame and 72 mm for the vent. It includes thermal break with a foamed polyethene break, special EPDM gaskets with “whiskers” and foamed thermal insulation placed between the rebate area of the glass pane and the profile.

To enable sharp bend angles up to 60°, several additional profiles have been designed.


The advantages of RW 64 HI, the new Realit® insulated window system for external and internal architectural development, are excellent thermal insulation and soundproof properties, superb air and water tightness, an attractive modern appearance, and high performance characteristics.

The system is based on a combination of two aluminium profiles interconnected with a 27 mm glass-filled polyamide thermal break. The thermal break made polyethene closed‐cell foam helps maintain the necessary temperature of aluminium profiles indoors preventing water condensation and reliably protecting premises against cold in frosty winter.

The RW 64 HI Realit® windows have a wide range of glazing infill thicknesses: from 12 to 48 mm in the vent and from 14 to 56 mm in the fixed window. This system can be filled by either glass panes or sandwich panels.


Custom EPDM gaskets with “whiskers” improve resistance to wind loads, enhance sound insulation and water tightness of the premises. The gaskets implemented in the system have been tested and certified to confirm their efficiency in cold climates.


To ensure excellent thermal insulation, the system also uses foamed heat insulating material between the rebate area of the glass pane and the profile. This design solution reduces thermal transmission and ensures compliance with energy efficiency standards.


The Realit® insulated profile architectural systems meet stringent requirements for thermal protection. They are resistant to mechanical damage and adverse environmental effects due to their rational fabrication and assembly technology. The RW 64 HI systems can substantially reduce heating costs in the cold season and create unique comfort in the residential premises.

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