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RI 44 Window and Door System


Window frame, mounting depth
44 mm
Door frame, mounting depth
44 mm
Window vent, mounting depth
52 mm
Door leaf, mounting depth
44 mm
Frame-vent visible width (window)
79-109 mm
Frame-leaf visible width (door)
134 mm
Glazing infill thickness
4-8 mm, 22-26 mm
Integration with Realit® systems
RF 50, RF 50 RR, RF 50 SSG, RVL 40, RPE 3
Integration of panic and sliding doors
Turning angles from 90° to 270° in any structure
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3 levels of EPDM sealing

The RI 44 Realit® window and door system is designed for external and internal development without a thermal break and combines utility, superb aesthetic characteristics, and flexibility of use with architectural versatility at an affordable price. The light and durable RI 44 window and door system complies with the stringent market requirements. The optimised aluminium profiles provide for quick assembly.


-          The basic dimensions of the system are 44 mm for the frame and 52 mm for the vent. The angle couplings are cut at 45°. They are assembled by pressing of connection blocks inserted in inner chambers of profiles. Connection blocks can also be installed with clips and pins. The impost T-coupling is made by pinning.

-          The system features different glazing infill thicknesses: from 4 to 8 mm for glass and from 22 to 26 mm for a glass pane supports glazing at different angles and integration of insect screens on the windows.

-          The frame profile groove is 14/18 mm (Eurogroove); the vent profile groove is 15/20 mm (Eurogroove).

-          The joints of elements are sealed with EPDM gaskets that substantially reduce thermal losses and provide outstanding water tightness. The holes in the condensate drain and ventilation system are covered with plastic caps from outside.

-          Windows and doors of the RI 44 system can either be installed in apertures or the facade. The system enables assembly of fixed windows, hinged windows, tilt and turn windows.

-          The hardware kit for doors in the RI 44 system includes a special groove for brush gaskets that ensure excellent windproof properties of the structure. The sill is installed quickly and easily; its removal does not require the entire door structure to be disassembled.

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