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Extrusion Line

The enterprise has high-capacity profile production lines manufactured by Presezzi Extrusion Srl (Italy) which include three high-speed press machines with a capacity of 1250, 1800, and 2800 tons. All of them equipped with ATC output systems. The product range comprises more than 5000 types of profiles, and custom production of profiles based on customer’s drawings is also possible. The profiles with a maximum outer diameter of up to 300 mm and the minimum wall thickness of 0.55 mm can be produced.

ООО "Алмета" Линия экструзии

The unique hardware and software complex N5Nitrogen produced by the Italian manufacturer Atie Uno Informatica allowed our company to adopt a profile fabrication technology based on liquid nitrogen. This procedure speeds up extrusion considerably without increasing the profile temperature. It also improves profile surface and performance characteristics and helps extend the service life of dies.

Technical parameters of the 1,250-ton press machine:

  • Operating pressure: 250 bar;

  • Maximum capacity at 275 bar: 1,350 tons;

  • Blank diameter: 6” (152 mm);

  • Extrusion rate: up to 25 mm/sec.

Technical parameters of the 1,800-ton press machine:

  • Operating pressure: 250 bar;

  • Maximum capacity at 275 bar: 2,000 tons;

  • Blank diameter: 7” (178 mm);

  • Extrusion rate: up to 25 mm/sec.

Technical parameters of the 2,800-ton press machine:

  • Operating pressure: 280 bar;

  • Maximum capacity at 300 bar: 3,000 tons;

  • Blank diameter: 8” (203 mm);

  • Extrusion rate: up to 25.5 mm/sec.

The lines are fitted with the following equipment:

  • furnace for gradient heating of blanks;

  • hot shears;

  • manipulator delivering a cut-off blank to the press machine;

  • blank loader to the pressing axis;

  • extrusion press machine;

  • finishing line;

  • heat-treatment furnace for artificial ageing of profiles.

Special features of the line are the double length of the delivery table (108 metres), a double puller allowing for reduction of the idle period and increase in line productivity, as well as B.I.C.S (a balanced water-to-air cooling device) and a high-duty stretcher which supports the achievement of the set mechanical properties for alloys of different grades and fabrication of profiles with a large cross-sectional area.

ООО "Алмета" Линия экструзии

ООО "Алмета" Линия экструзии

The production lines are fully automated. The furnace with gradient temperature heating of blanks increases the pressing speed and ensures uniform properties along the profile length. High-speed profile cooling after pressing makes it possible to attain T1, T6 (tempered and artificially aged), and Т1 (22), Т1 (25) and Т66 (high-strength tempered and artificially aged) smelt states. Uniform cooling along the whole cross-section after pressing ensures minimum profile warping.

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