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Realit Venta


Venta Realit® is a modern solution for natural ventilation in the building. The system includes narrow turn vents with a width of 200 mm or 250 mm. Due to its small dimensions, elegant and minimalistic appearance, and ease of use, ventilation vent optimises ventilation of premises making it more convenient. Venta systems perfectly match modern facades accentuating their uniqueness. They are compatible with all Realit® facade systems.

-            The system is designed for natural ventilation in fixed windows and big facades. Venta vent provides for a safe and fast airing of premises. It is an excellent solution for architects and fabricators, as it seamlessly blends with any project facade.

-          There are two options of the assembly available: with internal widths of 200 mm and 250 mm.

-          Venta ventilation vent has a custom facade frame for easy integration with the classical RF 50 Realit® system and the RF 68 EF unitized facade.

-            The clearance between the axles of the posts of Venta ventilation vent installed into a facade can be 295 mm and 345 mm depending on its overall dimensions.

-          The system height can be up to 3 m.

-            The system uses a 34 mm wide glass-filled polyamide thermal break. To ensure the necessary thermal and sound insulation properties, the Venta system uses three EPDM sealing circuits which reduce thermal losses substantially and provide outstanding water tightness.

-            The frame/vent constructions include closed-cell foamed polyethene profiles which further improve the thermal insulation properties of the assembly.

-            The product bundle includes a set of profiles with a decorative and protective coating and a set of brackets and fasteners. The system can be assembled and installed by non-specialists, which helps reduce costs and provides for ultrafast commissioning.

-            The fasteners used for assembly of aluminium profiles of Venta ventilation vent are made from stainless steel. This material is resistant to corrosion and weather conditions; therefore, facade structures have a long service life and preserve their strength properties and original appearance.


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