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Powder coating Line

The enterprise is equipped with the horizontal powder coating line for finished profiles produced by K.F.P. (Italy). It includes a coating application booth supplied by Gema Switzerland GmbH (Switzerland), as well as a vertical line from Transmetal (Italy). The total capacity is 13,500 tons of profiles per year. The line is used for powder coating aluminium profiles, sheets, and other aluminium alloy products with maximum dimensions of 7,000 x 1,700 x 300 mm. The powders are purchased from leading global manufacturers such as AkzoNobel (Netherlands), Jotun (Turkey), and Pulver (Turkey). High quality of products is achieved by ensuring compliance with the fabrication procedure and multi-stage quality control. 

ООО "Алмета" Линия покраски

Vertical Line

The change of colours on the vertical powder coating line occurs automatically in 20 minutes. The capacity of the powder coating facility is up to 40 tons per day. High precision of coating application is achieved through the use of the 4th generation disks of the disk powder coating system, which ensures minimal variation in the thickness of the powder layer of just ± 5 microns throughout the 7-meter length. The line employs a chromate-free profile preparation technology that enables us to supply profiles to any country of the world. Powder coated profiles meet the requirements of Russian GOSTs 222 33–2001, 9.410-88, and 22233-2018.

Horizontal Line

The horizontal line performs powder coating in the electrostatic field. 10 spray-guns manufactured by Gema Switzerland GmbH allow for more uniform coating even in hard-to-reach places (i. e, Faraday cages). The line has a complete set of equipment for record-fast changing of colours in just 7-10 minutes, as well as equipment for dimensioning of a powder coated item, and an advanced recuperation and air cleaning system. Our equipment allows us to apply powder coatings of any type and any colour available on the market. It meets all environmental and industrial safety standards.

Before powder coating, multi-stage chemical preparation of aluminium profiles and other products is conducted in 10 baths. This preparation includes such procedures as degreasing, etching, and yellow chromate treatment. Each treatment is followed by cascade water rinsing. The last stage is rinsing with demineralised water. In particular, this comprehensive product processing ensures excellent adhesion of powder coating to the base and good corrosion resistance even when the products are used in an aggressive urban environment.

ООО "Алмета" Линия покраски
ООО "Алмета" Линия покраски