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Company history

MC "Realit" was founded in 2002 and is currently one of the leading manufacturers of extruded aluminium profiles in Russia.

Configuration of the plant equipment was identified, and tenders for its supply were conducted among a dozen and a half companies on different positions of the equipment. Simultaneously, a large construction project was commenced within the integrated house-building factory in the city of Obninsk.
MC "Realit" was put into operation. Casting line equipped with gas tilting melting furnace manufactured by the Italian company Cometal Engineering S.p.A., completed with a hydraulic actuator for alloy discharge was put into operation. Press No. 1 with capacity of 1,800 ton-force by the firm Presezzi Extrusion S.R.L. (Italy) and finishing line by the company Cometal Engineering S.p.A was also put into operation. Horizontal powder coating line manufactured by the firm K.F.P. (Italy) was launched.

Disk powder coating vertical line (by the Italian firm Trasmetal S.p.A) was commissioned, which is environmentally friendly owing to chromate-free profile processing technology.

Also, in 2006, Press No. 2 with capacity of 1,250 ton-force, manufactured by the proven by then as reputable company Presezzi Extrusion S.R.L. was launched.

This new equipment launched in 2006 allowed our company to increase capacities in pressure moulding by 1.5 times, and triple the production of painted profiles in 2007.

New packaging machine by the Italian company AUTEL was launched, which enabled us to pack each profile individually, i.e. wrap them in plastic film.
Press No.3 was launched with capacity of 2,800 ton-force by the Italian company Presezzi Extrusion S.R.L. The launch of this new press enabled us to double pressure moulding capacities.

Together with All-Russia Institute of Light Alloys the technology for high-temperature homogenization of billets and profile ageing was changed. This work was commenced in 2008 and was aimed at production costs reduction, productivity increase, and product quality improvement.
Application of high temperature homogenization has enabled us to achieve the following results:

- hot billets plasticity increase;

- extrusion ratio growth;

- profile surface quality improvement;

- enhancing of mechanical properties and microstructure uniformity of pressed products;

- reduction of billet thermal treatment cycle time, which increased the productivity of the homogenization furnace.

The switch to this new mode reduced the cycle time of homogenization by 30-40 %, which resulted in the increase of productivity of the homogenization furnace by 1.5 times, and also led to up-levelling of mechanical properties of the resulting pressed articles.

Also, in 2009, the Almeta became a member of the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers.


In the beginning of 2010, the scheduled repair of the forging and pressing equipment, as well as horizontal and vertical powder coating lines was conducted. The replacement of the furnace lining was conducted on the melting and casting complex with the use of modern imported materials and application of advanced methods for heat-resistant concrete pouring. Also the melt refining line was reconstructed, enabling the production of high degree purity metal.

In November 2010 the first ever in the MC "Realit" plant’s history joint certification audit of the quality management system was conducted by VNIIS (Russian Research Institute for Certification) JSC and TÜV International RUS LLC. This audit confirmed that the quality management system of Almeta with architectural systems Realit meets ISO 9001:2008 in respect to design, development, manufacture and supply of aluminium structures for construction purposes, whereof the appropriate certificate was issued.


In March 2012, the plant introduced a new system of shipments, which addressed the main problems that affected the speed of shipment. The new system brought the benefit of significant reduction of vehicle loading time, enabling us to increase the volume of daily shipped products by more than 40%.

Then, in May 2012, our process engineers put a lot of effort into improving the quality of aluminium billets produced at the plant. As a result of this work the surface of in-house made billets has significantly improved. This progress was made owing to optimization of technological processes and application of unique lubricants for billet-forming equipment developed by our plant. The new lubricant not only ensures smooth surface for new billets, but also secures absence of any foreign graphite inclusions on their surface.

Large-scale modernization of powder coating lines was performed. The second automatic packaging machine and the second line for protective film application to profiles were put into operation.
New melting and casting complex with production capacity of 48,000 tons of billets per annum was commissioned.
Our company’s Engineering Department designed and introduced the RPE 35 and RPI 23 Realit® external and internal safety barrier systems. They meet all current market requirements in terms of production technology, comfort and safety, and blend seamlessly with any construction projects. In 2018, the Realit architectural systems have been implemented in more than 80 important construction projects. Our systems have also demonstrated excellent performance characteristics in the hottest, coldest and windiest areas in our country and abroad. The company website launched a new section with BIM files. The RF 50 mullion/transom system proved its excellent performance characteristics by passing the tests conducted by the Ognestoikost Certification Centre.

We have designed the new Xpress Realit® comfort-class architectural system and launched its production. The highest quality, best market price, variability and immediate availability are the key characteristics of the Xpress brand. The possibility of implementing all products from the Xpress in the same project helps slash the costs and save time. All structural elements including windows, doors, facades and balconies are optimised to facilitate the full commissioning of a project within the shortest time possible. These s end-to-end comprehensive solutions are perfect for any development projects which take the construction quality to a new level.

The Engineering Centre of the company has designed and introduced the Venta Realit® ventilation vent which is a modern solution for natural ventilation of premises. It ensures safe and fast ventilation and offers perfect compatibility with large-area glazed and fixed elements. Due to opportunities for flexible integration with any facades, this is a perfect solution for architects and designers.

We have designed and manufactured the Tsar Mullion — an element with the highest moment of inertia on the Russian market! The Tsar Mullion for the RF 50 facade system has a high load-bearing capacity and provides wide opportunities when designing atriums, stained-glass windows, roof lights and inclined surfaces with a greater spacing of mullions. It enables maximum expansion of space and letting in optimal amounts of light into the premise.

An important production innovation. Our company has purchased the unique hardware and software complex N5Nitrogen produced by the Italian manufacturer Atie Uno Informatica which allowed us to adopt a profile extrusion technology based on liquid nitrogen. The equipment automatically cools dies with liquid nitrogen and maintains a constant temperature of profiles manufactured. This option considerably speeds up the extrusion without increasing the profile temperature. It also improves its surface and mechanical properties and simultaneously extends the service life of the die assembly.

We are proud to report that we have introduced a new 6005А alloy into our production! Its mechanical properties are compatible with those of the 6082 (AD35) alloy; however, the cost of profiles extruded from 6005А is much less. We offer customers an opportunity to change the alloy in current orders (with modification of drawings). Contact us for an updated price quote!