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Bespoke extrusions

Dimensions of bespoke extrusions manufactured by our company. 

Upon request, we can consider the fabrication of profiles with other dimensions.

Profiles for Curtain Tracks
Almeta manufactures aluminium profiles for curtain tracks of different shapes and dimensions. Aluminium tracks are useful and functional; they do not require special maintenance and are easy to install.
Ceiling Profiles
The aluminium profile is an integral component of any stretched ceiling structure and serves as an important bearing element. Its high strength and rigidity of the material provide for the durability of sheet (PVC film or fabric) attachment to the base structure.
Profiles for Insect Screens
One of Almeta products is aluminium profiles for insect screens. The quality and technical characteristics of this system ensure its resistance to environmental impacts including precipitation, temperature drops, and direct sunlight, as well as the ability to prevent the ingress of plant pollen, dust and insects to the premise.
Profiles for Building Systems
Any construction facility is a dynamic, consistently developing structure with a specific set of characteristics and functions.
Profiles for Outdoor and Indoor Advertising
Aluminium profiles manufactured by Almeta are widely used in advertising structures of any type including advertising panels, billboards, lightboxes and signs on roofs and facades of buildings.
Interior Profiles
Aluminium profiles used in the interior design ensure high strength and wear resistance of furniture, partitions, curtain tracks, floor junction thresholds and other interior compositions. Aluminium profile assemblies manufactured by Almeta help form clean lines without sharp angles and edges.
Profiles for Office Partitions
Office partitions are used for the creation of a comfortable workspace and arrangement of the interior per the functional purpose of the premises.
Profiles for Refrigerating Equipment
Aluminium profiles are used to make concession stands, shop counters, shop windows, and commercial refrigerating equipment. Such products do not require repair during their entire service life. Temperature drops do not affect the structural properties of aluminium; due to high strength and load-bearing capacity of the material, structures made from aluminium are perfect for heavy loads.
Profiles for Automotive Industry
We manufacture profiles for truck sides (sideboards). Sideboards are installed on the platforms of any truck; they are lightweight, reliable, have high repairability and corrosion resistance, ensuring long service life.
Profiles for Machine-Building and Energy Industry
Aluminium profiles are resistant to high humidity and temperature drops. They are easy to process and assemble.
Profiles for HVAC
Our company manufactures and supplies a complete range of aluminium profiles for industrial and general household heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In particular, they can be used for the fabrication of ventilation louvres and air valves.
Profiles for LED Lights
Heat sinks manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles have important practical advantages. Thermal conductivity of an aluminium profile is much higher than that of other materials; at the same time, aluminium is much stronger and has higher chemical resistance to an aggressive environment.

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