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Visible width interior
30 mm
Visible width exterior
60 mm
Mullion/transom, visible part depth
117 mm
Mullion/transom, moment of inertia (Ix)
126.83 cm4
Mullion/transom, moment of inertia (Iy)
9.13 cm4
Decorative covers
15.5 mm, 23 mm
Glazing infill thickness
4-32 mm
Integration with Realit® systems
RW 64, RW 71, RI 50, RI 44, RVL 40, RPE 35
Integration of glazing infill both from outside and inside of the building

The RF 50 BIS system is designed for creating vertical translucent structures. Panel glazing and integration of window elements can be performed both from outside and inside of the building which eliminates the need for using suspended platforms and scaffolds.

- The RF 50 BIS system is designed to build facades with excellent soundproof and thermal insulation properties. The system integrates with all Realit windows, such as side-hung, bottom-hung, top-hung, horizontal and vertical pivot, tilt and turn, top-swing reversible and sliding solutions. The system includes mullions and transoms with a visible width of 30 mm.

-       The glazing infill thickness ranges from 4 to 32 mm.

-          Thermal breaks made from special materials help maintain the necessary temperature of aluminium profiles indoors preventing water condensation.

-          The RF 50 BIS facade has a multilevel system for water removal, ventilation in the rebate area of the glass pane, and equalisation of vapour pressure. When a transom is fastened to a mullion, the transom profile abuts tightly upon the rubber cuff thus sealing the connection area. Water from the mullion and transom channels is removed outside (to the space between the pressure plate and the cover) through the grooves in the pressure plate along the cuff tip.

-          The RF 50 BIS system is very versatile as the same profiles can be used as mullions and transoms in the structure to ensure a considerable reduction in the range of profiles used and optimisation of their cutting.

-          The RF 50 BIS aluminium profiles include a set of mullions for building cladding structures from preassembled elements. This considerably reduces the assembly time and costs.

-          Another feature is a mullion which enables the assembly of cladding at a plane angle ranging from 20° to 90°. This element helps compensate for horizontal dimensional changes in structures caused by temperature fluctuations.

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