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Production of aluminium profiles

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Painting lines

The painting shop is equipped with a horizontal line for powder coating of finished profiles manufactured by the firm K.F.P. (Italy) and vertical line by Trasmetal (Italy), which are intended for painting of aluminium profiles, sheets and other products made of aluminium alloys with dimensions of not more than L7,000*Н1,700*В300mm.

Vertical line

The change of colours on the vertical painting line occurs automatically every 20 minutes. The production output of painting facility can reach up to 40 tons per day. High precision of coating application is achieved with the use of 4th generation disks of the disk powder coating system, which allows for the change in the thickness of the layer of paint throughout the 7-meter length only by up to ±5 microns. The line is equipped with chrome-free technology for profile preparation that enables us to supply coloured profiles to any European country.

High product quality is guaranteed by irreproachable observance of technological process and multi-stage quality control. Painted profiles meet the requirements of Russian GOST 222 33 – 2001, 9.410-88.

Horizontal line

On the horizontal line, powder painting is carried out within the electrostatic field. Application of 10 sprays by the Nordson company allows for more uniform coverage and provides for painting application even in hard to reach places (the so-called "Faraday cage"). Our equipment allows us to apply all powder coatings of any type and any colour available on the market.
Prior to painting, a multi-stage chemical preparation of aluminium profiles and other products is conducted in 10 baths, including operations such as degreasing, etching and yellow chromate treatment.

After each such operation cascade water rinse is conducted. The last stage is rinsing with demineralised water. This comprehensive product processing in particular ensures excellent adhesion of powder coating to the base and good corrosion resistance even when using the products in aggressive urban environment.

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