«Almeta» Company

Production of aluminium profiles

Telephones: +7 (499) 500-57-53, +7 (484) 399-61-91

Packaging line and warehouse

The packaging shop accommodates the equipment manufactured by the firm EMMEBI S.R.L. (Italy).
The packaging machine allows for automatic packaging of painted and unpainted profiles in paper, plastic and polyethylene tape, depending on the customer’s requirements. It is serviced by two operators and its capacity is 9,000 tons per year.

At the customer’s request any configuration of packaging can be applied.


Also there is a packaging machine manufactured by the Italian company AUTEL with capacity of up to 11,000 tons per annum, which makes it possible to pack each profile individually by wrapping it in plastic film. Operating of the packaging machine does not require professional training.


Shelf storage warehouse

Storage area is designed to store up to 1,000 tons of profiles at a time. Exclusive structures were manufactured by the Italian company MCT.

Warehousing works are carried out with assistance of side loaders FIORA (fork lift height is 6.5 m, capacity - 2.5 tons). The use of forklifts ensures high speed processing of “Shipment orders”.

The new warehouse allows us to provide for exceptionally good safe-keeping and integrity of profiles. Also it provides for “high load” per square meter.


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