«Almeta» Company

Production of aluminium profiles

Telephones: +7 (499) 500-57-53, +7 (484) 399-61-91


Two laboratories operate in the company:

- physical laboratory;

- painting shop laboratory

Physical laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with modern imported and home equipment.

Chemical composition of aluminium alloy is determined by the spectral emission analysis carried out on the spectrometer Polyspek Junior by ARUN Technology (England), in accordance with GOST 7727. In December 2012, in order to prepare for the launch of the second melting and foundry complex the spectrometer Foundry–Master XPR (Expert) was purchased and installed. The sampling method of die casting and sample preparation is carried out in accordance with GOST 24231.

Hardness Rockwell test for dies according to GOST 9013 and Brinell hardness test for profiles according to GOST 9012 is held on the hardness measuring device TEMP-4 (TEMP, TSNIITMASH (Central Research Institute of Machine Building Technology), Moscow, Russia).

Control of grain quantity and other physical metallurgy studies are carried out on the metallographic microscope METAM–PB–22, by LOMO (Saint–Petersburg, Russia).

Hydrogen content test is conducted by a method of sample melting in a stream of inert gas (nitrogen) under GOST Р50965-96 on the device RH-402 by the company Leko in the All-Russia Institute of Light Alloys.

Metal structure is studied by methods of light microscopy (CM, metallographic microscope Neophot 21), scanning electron microscopy (SEM, electron microscope (KYKY-2800В) and electron probe microanalysis (MPCA, the spectrometer NORAN) in the All-Russia Institute of Light Alloys.

Control over the geometric dimensions of cross-sections is carried out by measuring tools (micrometers, calipers, protractors) according to the GOST 6507, GOST 166, GOST 3749.

Control over mechanical properties is performed on a tensile testing machine WDW-100D manufactured by the company TIME Grup Inc.

Painting shop laboratory

The quality of powder coatings is tested by devices produced by Gradient – Techno (city of Moscow):

  • "Impact Tester" determination of the strength of the coatings on impact in accordance with GOST 4765;
  • "Bend", the definition of the elasticity of the coatings under bending according to GOST 6806;
  • "Buchholz device" determining of the coatings strength during indentation;
  • A set of sieves with shaker – identification of the original powder fractions.

The quality of the coatings gloss is tested by glossmeter in accordance with GOST 896.

The coatings thickness is measured with a thickness gauge (Elcometer) in accordance with GOST R 51694.

Chemical analyses of the composition of the baths for painting shop are conducted.

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