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Extrusion lines

Пресс 2800

High-performance lines for production of profiles with three high-speed moulding presses, their force 1,800, 1,250 and 2,800 tons manufactured by the firm Presezzi Extrusion S.R.L. (Italy) and output systems from Cometal Engineering S.p.A. have been installed in extrusion shop.

 Technical specifications of the first press:

  • Press capacity 1,800 t;
  • Forming pressure- 250 bar;
  • Maximum capacity under 275 bar - 2,000 t;
  • Work piece diameter - 7² (178 mm);
  • Extrusion speed – 35 mm/sec;

 Technical specifications of 2nd press:

  • Press capacity 1,250 t;
  • Forming pressure- 250 bar;
  • Maximum capacity under 275 bar - 1,350 t;
  • Work piece diameter - 6² (152 mm);
  • Extrusion speed – 35 mm/sec;

 Technical specifications of 3rd press:

  • Press capacity 2,800 t;
  • Forming pressure - 280 bar;
  • Maximum capacity under 300 bar - 3,000 t;
  • Work piece diameter - 8² (203 mm);
  • Extrusion speed – 35 mm/sec;

The lines are fitted with the following equipment:

  • taper heating furnace for work pieces;
  • press shear;
  • manipulator to transfer the cut-off piece to the press;
  • finishing line;
  • heat treatment furnace for “artificial ageing” of profiles to achieve conditions T1, T6, T66.

The special feature of the line is double length of the draw table (108 meters) and double puller, which allows to reduce any idle cycle time and increase the line capacity, as well as a device for balanced water to air cooling of profiles and high capacity stretcher device, allowing to obtain the specified mechanical properties for alloys of different grades and to produce profiles with large cross-sectional area.

Particularities of technological process.

  • Furnace with temperature taper heating for work pieces allows us to increase the speed of extrusion and obtain more uniform properties along the length of the profile.
  • High rate of profile cooling after press moulding is designed to obtain delivery conditions T6, T66.
  • Uniform cooling along the entire profile after pressing prevents profiles warping.
  • Fully automated production.

The production line has mastered over 2,500 types of profiles, it is also possible to manufacture any profile according to the Customers’ drawings.


It is possible to produce profiles with a maximum circumscribed circle diameter of 220 mm and a minimum wall thickness of 0.75 mm.

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Adjustment site

Currently press shop of Realit systems consists of the following sites:

  • Press shop
  • Tool room for die assembly adjustment
  • Die assembly nitrogen hardening site
  • Die assembly etching area

Immediately after obtaining of a die assembly from the manufacturer, the die gets scarfed and sent to the press for initial extrusion, the purpose of which is to measure the real dimensions of the extruded profiles. After treatment, the matrix is sent to nitrogen hardening site for thermochemical treatment of die assembly bearings. When the aforesaid operation is completed, the tool is ready for operation.
The tool room for die assembly adjustment in addition to modern equipment benefits from the highly -qualified staff (with experience in adjustments exceeding 15 years), whose main task is the adjustment and refinement of new assembly dies to ensure smooth operation of the press shop. The foremen took training in the company Tool & Dies on multiple occasions.
The Almeta company maintains close contact with die manufacturers, which allows the plant to upgrade and improve its products, and this, in turn, results into achieving improved quality of manufactured aluminium profiles.

Extrusion is one of the progressive and widespread methods of metal processing by pressure.

Extrusion is the process involving forming the metal to predetermined shape by extruding it from the enclosed volume through one or more channels, within pressing tools.

Extruded products from aluminium alloys: profiles; panels; pipes and rods are used as intermediates for machine parts and assemblies. This particularly applies to the profiles, as their shape can be of any configuration, which allows them to be used for the manufacture of building structures, as well as automobile, aircraft, and rocket parts.

An important advantage of extrusion is the possibility of producing complex shapes with high degree of accuracy which cannot be obtained by other methods of metalworking. This applies particularly to multi-channel hollow products. Obtaining such products with predetermined features of structure and properties in the longitudinal and transverse directions, makes them suitable to be used in construction of street overpasses, galleries, pavilion ceilings, pedestrian bridges, etc.

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