«Almeta» Company

Production of aluminium profiles

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One of the areas of the Realit plant’s business is the production of billets for extrusion offered in the following sizes:

  • Ø152 mm (6”)
  • Ø178 mm (7”)
  • Ø203 mm (8”)

Extrusion billets are made with observance of the quality requirements set out in GOST 23855-79 out of alloys in view of the GOST 4784-97 requirements, having different chemical composition:

  • AD0
  • AD-31 (6063)
  • AD-35

In accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN 573-2001 the alloys listed below:

  • AW 1050
  • AW-6060
  • AW-6063
  • AW-6082


On the customer's request we offer possibility for billets delivery in either homogenized or as-cast condition. Upon the customer’s request it is also possible to produce billets having chemical composition in accordance with the corporate internal standards, or featuring chemical composition requested by the customer.


Billets are manufactured on modern equipment by the method of semi-continuous casting on the installation unit with a thermal nozzle (type “HOT TOP”), which allows us to achieve high uniformity of chemical composition along the length of the billet. Moreover, the use of secondary treatment technologies which involve jet degassing, together with filtration through the ceramic foam filter enable us to achieve high purity of alloy and high quality of billets’ metal.


One of the most precise devices for spectral analysis of chemical composition "FOUNDRY MASTER" is used in the plant laboratory to identify the chemical composition of the cast alloys that allows us to be 100% sure about the chemical composition of manufactured products.